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Event Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018       7:00 AM

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65th Sea of Galilee Crossing in memory of the late Ya’acov Hassid

Welcome to the Sea of ​​Galilee Crossing website.

The largest popular swimming event in Israel with a long and glorious tradition is held by the Jordan Valley Regional Council every year for the past 65 years, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Ha’poel Center.

In 2017 about 10,000 swimmers took part in the event.

The event is designated for the whole family.

Here you can find details and schedules on the various swim courses and distances, gathering areas and start times to the various heats.

On the Q&A page, you will find answers to questions asked by swimmers as yourself.

Our Online registration will assure you the best price.

Please read carefully the registration and cancellation terms.

We encourage you to use the site and the secure server.

More information about the guest houses and the kibbutzim located near the area of ​​the swim can be found here

Do not miss out on the tips and advice, before, during and after the swim, collected and edited by veteran swimmer Haggai Feletti

If you still feel that you are missing an important information which you could not find on this site, please use the Contact Us page

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